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Our Memorial Services

The chapel is available for families to arrange whatever type of service they feel is appropriate. We provide the chapel at no cost.

The local clergy or a celebrant will be pleased to assist you to remember your family member in a dignified and reverent manner.

The chapel is equipped with the most modern electronic devices which will assist you with music, video and power point slide productions. A full church organ is also available.

The Chapel will seat approximately 150 and under cover a further 250 can be accommodated with Audio/Visual. Larger services can be arranged after discussion with our staff. There is no such thing as an average attendance at a funeral. It is quite normal to have anywhere between two and two hundred in attendance. We can personalise any arrangement for your family.

The Chapel is reserved for one hour at a time but longer services can be arranged at no cost after discussions with our staff.

Please contact Memorial Gardens to discuss any of these services.

CALL US TODAY ON (02) 6550 0755

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