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Funeral Calendar
To view our Chapel Service Calendar for Funeral Services, please view the Manning Great Lakes Memorial Gardens Funeral Calendar.

Funeral Calendar

Manning Great Lakes Memorial Gardens

The Manning Great Lakes Memorial Gardens has been serving families of the Manning Valley and Great Lakes region since 1999.

Our beautifully landscaped grounds provide the perfect resting place for loved ones with memorial options for burial and cremation.

The onsite facilities include an air-conditioned chapel and two tea rooms for after funeral catering.

Memorials to suit everyone's needs...

Click here for The Chapel
Click here for Family Estate
Family Estate
Click here for Feature Garden
Feature Garden
Click here for Rose Garden
Rose Garden
Click here for Rock Garden
Rock Garden
Click here for Garden of Remembrance
Garden of Remembrance
Click here for Lawn Cemetery
Lawn Cemetery
Click here for Headstone Section
Headstone Section

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